David Kolen is the founder, curator, and jack of all trades here at Music Means Family. He studied theatre, loves music and art of all kinds, and couldn't be happier than he is sharing music with friends new and old.

Enjoying at the moment?

Album: Noah Gundersen - 'Ledges'

Album: Hey Rosetta! - 'Second Sight'

Book: Jandy Nelson - 'I'll Give You The Sun'

Chicago Spot: The Grind in Lincoln Square (Coffee is life, Coffee is everything)


Scott Sheffield is the resident production/audio guru and saves David's ass on a regular basis. You can find him running painful and copious amounts of cable at Miley Cyrus, One Direction, and Taylor Swift concerts for Local 2. But seriously, he runs a mean soundboard.

Enjoying at the moment?

Album: Slint - 'Spiderland'

Album: Modern Baseball - 'Sports'

Book: Michael Dobbs - 'One Minute to Midnight'

Chicago Spot: The EP Section of Reckless Records (Milwaukee) or the stool at the end of the bar.