Sunday Seven 8/23/15 (A Day Late, I Know!)

Sorry we're a day late this week. A combination of both my wife and I being sick coupled with X-Files bingeing slowed me down. Apologies. With that being said:

1. Noah Gundersen - Selfish Art

Noah's new album came out on Friday, and it's a fucking stunner. I feel like this is what it must have felt like watching Dylan in '65, a young man grappling with art, heartbreak, and how to deal with the world and all of its questions. Watch the live track of 'Selfish Art' below, and then go buy the album. Go.

2. The Native Sibling - 'The Fall'

Sometimes I find tracks that could be from 1962, or 1993, or Seattle circa the mid-aughts. This beautiful track, filmed by the always wonderful Eratosthenes Fackenthall is one for campfires, autumn nights, and holding someone you love. Oh, and a bonus, another video from the same session of their track 'Let The Water Rise'

3. Phil Cook -'Anybody Else'

Yeah. I'm going to post every single he releases before this album drops. Deal with it. And preorder the album. It's going to be so stupid good.

4. The Lighthouse and the Whaler - "Mont Royal"

The new TLATW comes out this week, but you can stream it over on Paste right here . It's a pretty wonderful end of Summer album, and I'm excited to buy it, hopefully you will be too.

5. Simon Balto - 'Foothills'

Simon is an incredible songwriter, and his album 'Murmurations' will come out sometime early next year. I hope deeply that this song is on it, and I really can't wait.

6. Wild Child - Reno

Yeah. This is really pretty. Wild Child is a wonderful band, and this Take Away show from the folks at Audiotree is good for the soul.

7. Glen Hansard - 'Winning Streak'

Please give me this new Glen Hansard record. Please. He's such a wonderful songwriter, and the first track from this album is beautiful.

Sorry about being a day late. Catch you in 6 days!