Sunday Seven: 8/16/15

Alright. It's Sunday. 7 things. Go.

1. Doe Paoro - Growth/Decay

Shimmery, sexy, sunshine-y pop recorded in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. There's a late summer night feel to this that I absolutely love.

2. Noah Gundersen - The Difference

No secret, Noah is one of my favorite songwriters. His new album, 'Carry The Ghost' comes out in 5 days. You should buy it. 

. Beirut - 'No No No'

Just a reminder that Beirut's 4th album will be coming out in 3 weeks. If the single is any indication, it will be very, very good.

4. Phil Cook - 'Great Tide'

Phil Cook's album comes out the same day as the Beirut album. It will also be phenomenal. I posted one single last week, here's the 2nd.

5. Bryan John Appleby - 'No One Knows'

Bryan John Appleby has taken his dusty folk songs and turned them into rose-colored dusty pop-folk, and it's pretty fantastic.

6. Josh Ritter - "Getting Ready to Get Down"

Speaking of things I'm really excited about...Josh Ritter has a new album coming out. The first single is pretty fun.

7. The Staves - 'I'm On Fire'

I've been listening to a bunch of Bruce Springsteen lately, and I've also been listening to a bunch of The Staves. So, why not a Bruce cover from The Staves to end the post this week?

See ya next week!