On Life & It's Chapters: Fuel/Friends Edition

As I sit down to write this, watching heavy snowflakes cascade outside my window, I'm struck by the idea of motion. Of snow falling, of time moving, of the continued incremental revolutions of the Earth.

Last night Heather from Fuel/Friends posted something of a goodbye, on the tenth anniversary of her blog. For those of you who don't know, Fuel/Friends is, more or less, the reason I started writing this blog. It is the reason I started hosting house shows. It is one of the reasons I am who I am today. I know that sounds hyperbolic, but I promise - it's not. When I started reading Fuel/Friends it was 2008, maybe 2009. I was in college, meandering my way through a major I was no longer attached to, with no idea where I was going next. 

I remember reading a post in 2009 about a band called The XX. One of my best friends had mentioned them to me, but it wasn't until that link to their song 'VCR' that I connected to them. I listened to that album almost every night for the rest of 2009. I played that album watching snow fall from a girl's dorm room window in the heart of downtown Chicago. I play that album still. Quite a bit, actually.

I'm not sure how many incredible artists I first heard on Fuel/Friends. Dozens at least, perhaps hundreds. The Head and the Heart, Field Report, Lemolo, Tyler Lyle, Hey Rosetta!, Typhoon, Bahamas, Widower, Small Houses, Jeffrey Foucault, the list goes on. I don't know how many other incredible blogs I would never have stumbled on without the guiding writing of Fuel/Friends. Songsforaday, Music vs. Misery, Folk Hive, again, the list goes on.

I've tried to formulate a set of words to appropriately convey how important all of this feels to me - and I just don't know that I can. So instead, I end this post with the two most fitting things I believe I can end it with. The first, a quote from the front page of Fuel/Friends, by Nick Hornby, a quote that sums up so much of my gratitude for Heather's work.

"I love the relationship that anyone has with music: because there's something in us that is beyond the reach of words, something that eludes and defies our best attempts to spit it out. It's the best part of us, probably, the richest and strangest part..." 

The second, a mix. A mix of songs that I associate with Fuel/Friends, with the feelings I'm sifting through now. A mix that represents the hope I have as I move forward, hosting more shows, writing more posts, and reveling in the music-obsessed person I've become.

Thank you Heather. Thank you.