Upcoming Albums - Part Two

Of course, the minute I post a list of albums I'm really, really excited about - I'm reminded of a bunch more albums that are coming out that I'm really, really excited about. So, with no further ado - a couple more (and don't forget to look at yesterday's post!): 1. Caroline Smith - Half About Being a Woman

For anyone who follows my blog, I've been pretty vocal about my support of Caroline, her incredible musicianship, and her stunning stage presence. I remember sitting in The Hideout earlier this year, eyes closed, beer in hand, and just letting the sublime power of Caroline's voice wash over me, lost in her incredible storytelling. Jump over to their Kickstarter, donate, get a free download of the new single "Magazine", and be incredibly happy. This one's definitely worth it. If you need a brief reminder, just watch this video of the title track, which I've posted before:



2. The Avett Brothers - Magpie and the Dandelion

There's never a bad time to be excited about The Avett Brothers, and the new single from their upcoming album reminds me of some of their earlier albums, which hold an unquestionable place in my heart. It's rare that I don't find myself listening to at least one Avett Brothers song a day - so a new album sounds like the perfect thing for fall. Listen to 'Another is Waiting' over at NPR. Trust me.


3. Basia Bulat - Tall Tall Shadow

I saw Basia Bulat play at Schuba's earlier this year, and she really is enchanting. She brings me out of my head, which is always welcome - and her music makes me feel as if I'm sitting in a chair along a river somewhere peaceful. Not a bad thing to have come out in the midst of what will inevitably be a busy fall, eh? Listen to the first single below:



I'm sure I'll have to amend this even more as time goes on - there are so many albums that I'm beyond excited about this fall.