you're fireproof/nothing breaks your heart

New spring mix is being reviewed in my ears as we speak. However, it's been held up a bit because I can't stop playing the new album from The National. I honestly can't say enough about how incredible it is. Take a break from your day to watch them play 'I Need My Girl' - one of my favorite songs off of the new album: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: The National: I Need My Girl.

I've found myself feeling really vulnerable lately (which The National can do to me). When that happens, I almost always find myself coming back to The Avett Brothers. There is a wonderful, frenetic yet soothing quality to their music for me. Watch this gorgeous video of 'Laundry Room' from Cardinal Sessions.



And last but not least for this little update, City and Colour had a Daytrotter session released today, and it's stunning. Listen to it here. And then get a Daytrotter membership. Best money you'll spend in a while.

I'll be back soon with this mix - gotta put it out before 'Trouble Will Find Me' is released next week and I get lost all over again!