a brand new day: music means family spring mix 2013

Here it is. A new mix.

This one took me awhile. Spring is such a complicated time for me - and it's been made even more complicated for me this year by a March marked both by sorrow and fear, but also by the blossoming of an incredible relationship and wonderful friendships.

In so many ways I look at spring as a precursor to summer, a readying of sweat-drenched smiles and outdoor adventures. But it's also a time for growth, for rebirth, for shedding the heavy winter snow that has held you down and for readying yourself to move into the year with your head held high and your heart exposed and vulnerable. So this mix, hopefully, is a gentle shove, encouraging you to place one foot before the other and let the first few sunbeams of spring dance across your face, reminding you that everything will, in fact, be okay.

Please take the time to listen, experience some music from astonishingly talented artists, and ready yourself for the warm months ahead. Let's make 'em special. As per usual, comment or e-mail if you want a download link.

[8tracks width="400" height="400" playops="" url="http://8tracks.com/mixes/1564393"]